Brandon Lake ‘Tear Of The Roof Tour’ 2024 | Tickets, Locations & Date

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American christian Artist, Brandon Lake has announced his 2024 Tour Themed Tear Of The Roof with special guest Doe.

So too, Tear Of The Roof Tour By Brandon Lake is expected to hold from March till May 2024.

And as much, link to get your tickets for Brandon Lake Tear Of The Roof Tour is provided below as you scroll down.

Notwithstanding, Brandon Lake Tear Of The Roof Tour will be held in the following cities below.

Birmingham, Alabama – 7th March 2024
Memphis, Tennessee – 8th March 2024
Arlington, Texas – 9th March 2024
Tulsa, Oklahoma – 10th March 2024
Vancouver, British Columbia – 14th March 2024
Spokane, WA Washington – 15th March 2024
Nampa, Idaho – 16th March 2024
Reno, Nevada – 17th March 2024
Toronto, Canada 18th April 2024
Cleveland, Ohio – 19th April 2024
Brooklyn, New York – 20th April 2024
Baltimore, Maryland – 21st April 2024
Jacksonville, Florida – 25th April 2024
Orlando, Florida – 26th April 2024
Estero, Florida – 27th April 2024
Grand rapids, Michigan – 2nd May 2024
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania – 3rd May 2024
Greensboro, North Carolina – 4th May 2024
Charleston, South Carolina – 5th May 2024

Kindly click below to get your tickets for Brandon Lake’Tear Of The Roof Tour.

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Brandon Lake Tear Of The Roof Tour 2024

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