Churches With The Highest Population In Nigeria |(2024)

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There have been some all-round argument on churches in Nigeria, that are highest in population.

In addition, this is to say the church which has the highest members and many have decide to choose their own churches 

Moreso, this now boils down to Churches in Nigeria and here, Gospel rant would be discussing to you, the five of them with the highest Population as we list them below.

5 Churches In Nigeria With The Highest Population In Nigeria

1. (Catholic Church – 20 million members)

5 Churches With The Highest Population In Nigeria
Photo Credit: Nigeria Catholic reporter

Catholic church is the highest populated church in Nigeria and the world  at large.

Also, it is led by pope, the curia in Rome and according to wiki, it is said to have a population of 20 million members

2.  (Church of Nigeria, Anglican – 18 million members)

5 Churches With The Highest Population In Nigeria
Photo credit: businessday

The Anglican Church in Nigeria which is identified as church of Nigeria, is the second on our list, and according to wiki
they have 18 million populated members in Nigeria and the headquarters is in Abuja.

3. (Living faith church – 6 million)

(Headquarter, Nigeria) Photo Credit: Gist tree

Living faith church popularly called, “winners chapel” is a Pentecostal church which is founded by one of the richest pastor in the world, pastor David oyedepo.

In the same way, Living faith church which is located at ota, ogun state, is among the church with the highest population in Nigeria .

Thus, According to, dailypost, it was noted that the man of God said, that winners have over 6 million members across the continent.


4. (Redeemed Christian Church of God – 5 million members)

(Headquarter side view) Photo Credit:

Redeemed Christian Church of God (Rccg), is a Pentecostal church with its headquarter in Lagos, Nigeria.

Likewise, the church is not limited to only Nigeria or Africa but, it is available worldwide with large branch.

According to wiki, It is believed that RCCG have 5 million members and it is the fourth church with the highest population in Nigeria.

5. (Christ Embassy, 5 million members)

Headquarter (Photo Credit: Christ embassy Arlington)

Christ embassy which is also known as Believers loveworld is part of the churches in Nigeria with the highest Population.

Hence, the church came on existence in the late 80s as it was founded by pastor chris Oyakhilome.

Just as, the church is said to have 145 branches across all the five continents in the world.

Specifically to wiki, It is said to be that they have 5 million Followers across the world and they are on the fifth position.

Churches In Nigeria With The Highest Population

  • Catholic
  • Anglican
  • Living Faith Church
  • Redeemed Christian Church Of God
  • Christ Embassy

Watch video of the largest church in the world below

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