Dante Bowe | Biography, Height, Instagram

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In this article, we will be taking a look at everything you need to know about Dante Bowe, his biography & lots more.

Dante Bowe

Dante Bowe is an American gospel singer and songwriter well known from the music group Maverick City.

Dante Bowe Biography
Dante Bowe

Dante Bowe Biography

Dante Bowe as his real name is a contemporary gospel singer known. For his vocal skills. Dante Bowe hails from Rockingham, North Carolin United States, but currently lives in Dallas, Texas. where he was born. He was born in 10th may 1993

So too, Dante Bowe became born again at the age of 16 years old years and as well finding love for music through Kieran sheard.

Nevertheless, Dante Bowe started music professional in 2017 after he recorded Potter and friend featuring

Associated Acts

Dante Bowe Biography
Dante Bowe

And, Apart from the fact that Dante Bowe has sang with Maverick, he worked with some music personals as follows below

  • Travis Greene
  • Bethel Music
  • Elevation Worship


Dante Bowe have won GMA award for his own song like joyful for contemporary gospel sing of the year 2021

Notwithstanding, Dante Bowe has also won awardw GMA and Grammy awards with his group Maverick City multiple times.

FAQ About Dante Bowe

Is Dante Bowe Married

No, Dante Bowe is not married as at the time of writing to his article. His relationship status still remains single for now.

Is Dante Bowe Still With Maverick City

No, Dante Bowe Is not with Maverick City music for now as the group has paused their professional relationship with him. They made this via a statement in their official handle.

Statement Concerning Dante Bowe

What Did Dante Bowe Do

It was said that Dante Bowe had a behavior which was incosistent with their core values and belief to their team.

Also, the reason for his behavior was stated which made Dante Bowe Leave Maverick City Music

What Happened To Dante Bowe

Dante Bowe after the incident had to take a break from his social media handle while a seek God’s face

Why Did Dante Bowe Leave Maverick City

We have already explained this above as at why Dante Bowe left due to his incosistent behaviours which was not in line with maverick city core values and belief.

Does Danfe Bowe Sing With Elevation Worship

Yes, Dante Bowe has sang with Elevation Worship. They are also did a song titled “With On You” Featuring chandler Moore and Maverick City

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