Donnie Mcclurkin Wins BMI “Song Of The Year” At The Trailblazers Gospel Music Awards

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American gospel artist, Donnie Mcclurkin has won the BMI song of the year at the trailblazers gospel music awards.

This awards is organizsed by the broadcast music international popularly known for their slogan “BMI” and it has nominated so many christian bodies which also included Donnie Mcclurkin.

This news was broadcasted by the officials
of the Bmi where they stated

” congratulations @donniemclurkin and @Troytaylor for winning the song of the year “speak to me” at our trailblazers of gospel music awards.

The gospel singer Donnie Mcclurking also tooked to his Official handle to note below.


“Thank you Bmi, bmi gospel, Catherine brewton, wardell marloy, Michael o Neil, Phil thorton, rca inspirations, koryn horthone, Troy Taylor, trybishop, Cedric Cadwell, angel winans cardwell, Debbie winans, Lowe.

Thank you all and more from this honour. I’m glad to have been a part of this (I love you Catherine, you are truly a visionary)

A song I wrote over 30yrs ago….God is amazing thank you.

Donnie Mcclurkin BMI Awards

So too, Kierra also won the songwriter of the year for her song “His love” and it keeps happening”.

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