Every Sound In My Music Is A Message – Frank Edwards Shares Insight

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Nigeria gospel singer Frank Edwards has talked about his music and sounds that he needs.

Frank Edwards

He shared of how one gave him a beat and he ended up working on it. He also talked about buying a beat but could not make use of it.

Read what Frank Edwards wrote below to talk about his Music

When I make my music, I make sure every instrument is saying what I want them to say according to the message in the music, sometimes @dhitmaker who is another outstanding producer will call on me to say bros I have this beat, you will love it. But when he comes and I listen, we end up reworking it not because the music is not nice …but it has to say what I want jt to say… I remember paying a few dollars for a beat someone made and sold to me it’s been 9 years and I never used it…again the beat sounds good but it is not saying what I want and the beat cannot decide my message…so it is easier for me to sit down and craft the sound according to the message that has been given to me by the holyghost…Yes it takes a lot of my time but the results supersedes the work I put in..why am in sharing this?. When you listen to my music, always pay attention to every sound in the music so that you can get the full message in the music. Love you

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