Frank Edwards Talks About His Wife To Be

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Gospel singer, Frank Edwards seems to have found his new wife to be.

Frank Edwards Wife

One major Question people have been asking about frank Edwards is about if he is married.

Frank Edwards tooked to his Official handle earlier on Wednesday being 7th if September 2022 to post of how his mum has persuaded him to go get married.

In one of his recent post, he said “This Ella is too much, I told my mum to come let’s go to dubai for short vacation. She said I should go marry and go with my wife 1st then she will follow me. This ela is giving me headache.

In another post, he noted , i place my order in heaven. I told God, this is how I want my make the eyes like that chai

Below are screenshots of frank edwards post

If you have read this, how do your feel about frank Edwards new wife to be. Please drop your comments 👇

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