Gospel Events In Nigeria |Top 4 (2024) Free

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Do you really want to know the gospel Events in Nigeria, Then Let’s us seat tight and read through as Gospel rant will share four of them to you .

An event is something which takes place where a group of people would convene at that same place for a purpose to be explored at a given time.

Note: There are many gospel events in Nigeria and it is hosted by churches, individuals or gospel artistes as well, but this events do come with purchasing tickets.

Moreover, this article is to enlightening you of the gospel concert which is free to be at and also due to its congregational capacity and international artistes gracing this occasion.

On the other hand, there so many events in the world at large, africa and even the countries within it. Let us take for example, schools, government and so on has event that involved large gathering.

So in this article, Gospel rant will be sharing to you, top three gospel event in nigeria. So below they are:

Gospel Events In Nigeria |Top 4 (2022) Free

1.  The Experience Lagos

Gospel events in nigeria
The experience lagos overview

The experience lagos is a gospel concert which is hosted in Lagos, Nigeria. It is done every year at the same country in tafawa balewa square and organized by pastor Paul Adefarasin who is the senior pastor and founder of house on the rock church in Lagos.

For you to know, the interesting thing about this concert is that it host international gospel artistes to come minister to God on stage, like (Don Moen, Donnie Mcclurkin, Kirk Franklin, and so many others). And also some local artiste in Nigeria and other africa countries as well.

Gospel events in nigeria
Paul Adefarasin (The convener)

Thus, this gospel concert is graced by over 700,000 people who come from different parts of the state in Nigeria and world as some travelled as far as from some countries to witness this events.

Truly, the concerts since its inception in 2006 has being a blessing to many who come and their lives are being transformed and also there are maximum security guaranteed for everyone as it is starting by evening till the next day.


  • The event is done yearly on the 12th month and starting by 7pm
  • It is hosted in tafawa balewa square.
  • It is free, no tickets except for the VIP seats.
  • It is parked with maximum security.

For enquires: visit (Theexperiencelagos.com)

2.  Yadah

Yadah overview

Yadah is also an annual gospel concert which is hosted in the city of delta by papa ayo oritsejafo, who is the senior pastor of word of life bible church.

Also, this event is known to host international gospel artists and as well, local artistes from nigeria and parts of Africa.


Meanwhile, this gospel events is witnessed by some top government officials, christian leaders and also it has minimum number of 35,000 people as it uses an auditorium.

But still, it is the biggest gospel concert in Delta and also among the best in Nigeria as well.

Gospel events in nigeria
Papa Ayo Oritsejafor(The Convener)


  • It is hosted in Delta
  • It is always done yearly
  • It is usually free

3.  Unusual Praise

Unusual praise stage

Unusual Praise is one of the biggest Catholic concerts in Africa but do host Pentecostal gospel artistes and ministers.

This concerts is hosted by catholic church of Divine Mercy (CCDM) which is located at lekki.

Nevertheless, this concerts brings catholic and other christian bodies under one voice to worship God through the annual concerts.

Gospel events in nigeria
Unusual praise flier

Though, this years(2021) concert would be held in the south eastern part of the state which is onitsha, in anambra, Nigeria.


  • It is done yearly
  • It is totally free

To make an enquires: visit unusualpraise.com

Notwithstanding, as a gospel media team, we will keep updating you people about free gospel concerts in Nigeria, africa and the world at large in our platform when there is an info.

Watch The Experience 2008


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