Gospel Record Labels In Nigeria | Top 14 (2024)

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Many spirit-filled Nigerian singers, artists and musicians have been wondering if there are Gospel Music Record Labels In Nigeria

The world like we know they say music, is entertainment and life due to its tone, lyrics and beatz.

However, the secular music world has housed many gospel artiste who really want to spread the word of God through their songs. But most atimes, they might not be allowed to mention the name of Jesus or speak in tongues due to their needs to sell.

Moreover, these became a limitation for the gospel artiste because most of them are led by the spirit of God to minister and not to sing for fun.

But other gospel centred minded believers see to these and decided to create a platform where upcoming gospel artiste can do their songs freely without any interruption.

Though gospel Rant has decided to compiled these Nigeria gospel record labels for you people as based on our findings.

Below are Gospel Record Labels In Nigeria | Top 14 (2022)

1. Eezee Conceptz

Gospel Music Record Label Nigeria
The logo of Eezee conceptz

Eezee conceptz is one of the Nigerian gospel record labels owned by Ezekiel onyedikachukwu who is popularly known as Eezee tee and this music record label has one of its finest and powerful ministers of the gospel such as chidinma, judikay, mercy chinwo, minister GUC, and formerly preye odede.

Gospel Record Labels In Nigeria
Eezee Tee- CEO of the record label

This record label also deals with event management, artiste management and branding.

It’s headquarter is located in ikeja, Lagos

2. Rox Nation

Rox nation logo

Most of you might have heard rox nation In the beginning of a song. This is a record label owned by a renowned gospel Musician ,father and producer known as Dr timothy ugochukwu Godfrey popularly called Tim Godfrey by stage name.

So too, This gospel record which came into existence in 2017, is in no doubt one of the leading Gospel record label in Nigeria due its signing in of top ministers of the gospel.

Tim Godfrey – CEO of rox nation

It has a signed artiste such as ibk sings, blessyn, okey sokay Samuel giveson popularly known as smj and the host himself (Tim Godfrey).

Nevertheless, Its headquarter is located in Lagos.

3. Rocktown

Gospel Music Record Labels Nigeria
Rocktown logo

Now the number three on our list is rocktown. If you are a fan of gospel music, you must have heard “rocktown in the building” at the starting of a song.

However, this record label is owned by no other person but a young gospel music minister who is recognize throughout the whole world. He is called frank ugochukwu Edwards, popularly known as frank edwards.

Frank edwards the CEO

This record label started with he himself and produced other gospel artiste such as Tb1, nkay, Gil Joe, Nina shezz, Chee and so many others who have not being mentioned.

Its headquarter is located in Lagos.

4. Hammer House Of Record

Hammer house of record is another gospel record label in Nigeria a musician can get signed into without so much hesitation.

Nonetheless,This is owned by a Christ embassy personal and loveworld Christian musician who is popular for his vibes and he is no other person but Emmanuel Benjamin popularly called Eben.

Still, This music record label also houses jahdiel who is his wife. For those of you who don’t know jahdiel, at least, you would know her song.

Eben the CEO

” This one nah my heritage
this one nah my culture
this one nah my tradition
I go follow Jesus, I go carry him cross o welu welu”…. She is also signed to this music record label.

Just as this is indeed such a great blessing for the couple’s As we could remember when he sang ” God e dey” featuring his wife in 2005 without a record label owned by him
And this record label is doing so great I’m times of music that is being loved, Nationwide.

5. Tehilah Records

Nigeria Gospel Music Record Label
Tehilah records logo

Tehila records is one of the Nigeria gospel music record labels owned by Tim ogboruche. And this has housed popular musician such as enkay who is his wife and chika 100%.

Tim ogboruche the CEO

Moreso, this record label is known for hosting a concert, tagged ” alabanza concert which is done annually at the city of ikeja in Lagos.


6. Spaghetti Records

Gospel Record Labels In Nigeria
Spaghetti record Logo

Spaghetti record label is indeed another music record label owned by a group called midnight crew which features, Pat uwaje, Mike abdul, Monique and others.

The midnight crew

Subsequently, This is indeed an upcoming record label which we know would do well in the industry due to popular singers there.

7. One Hallelujah Record

13 Nigeria Gospel Music Record Label You Need To Know About
One hallelujah records logo

One hallelujah record is a music record label,owned by redeemed Christian Church of God and this has signed artistes, such as renowned gospel saxophonist (kunle ajayi), femi okajuga, moses onofega, Michael akingbala, bukola bekes and so many others.

So, This is indeed a good step for a Church to own a record label. And the interesting thing is that this musicians mentioned above did a song together at the end of 2020, called leaping and it was a massive chant all through.


8. Loveworld Music and Art

Nigeria Gospel Music Record Label
Loveworld music and art logo

Another gospel music record label is loveworld music and art which is owned by a popular church known as Christ embassy.

Even, this label has produced gospel artistes such as Joe praise, Ada ehi, Sinach and so many others. Though frank edwards, eben all came through this platform.

9. Azusa Records

Gospel Record Labels In Nigeria
Azusa record logo

Azusa record is a gospel record label which is owned and managed by a renowned producer and audio mixer.

Edwards Sunday the CEO

He is no other person than Edward Sunday. It has housed many gospel artistes such as ccioma, yemi among others which are not mentioned here.

10. Kadosh record

Kadosh record is a record label owned by a renowned gospel singer and worshipper, who is known as Victoria orenze.

Victoria orenze the CEO

Infact, This is indeed another record label of upcoming spirit-filled gospel musicians who are led to release their songs.

11. Lake Light Entertainment

Lake light entertainment is another gospel music record label in Nigeria you can’t afford to skip due to being owned and managed by popular spirit filled gospel musician, Steve crown.

Steve crown the CEO

Indeed, This is just a one big family for those coming to voice out their writing lyrics. It is located at abuja.

12. Rockanation

Rockanation is a Nigeria gospel record label that is managed by Artistes, such as a Reverend son Gbemiga and florocka who has released a hit song such as twale and other songs like, mo jubare, Hide me, arise ,opeloye ,pamuregeji, bragadaba jesus. And since 2018, they have being doing well in terms of production and releasing heavenly sounds.

13. Gratitude

Gratitude is another heavenly sounds gospel music record label in nigeria you should know. This name like we may say is coined from the gospel rappers who are known as gratitude the rababa crooners. They are from (coza) common wealth Zion assembly headed by pastor biodun fatoyinbo who is the senior pastor.

Likewise, This was a choir group who came together to spread the message of Jesus actors the world through their songs and raps.

14. Gospel Rant Records

One of the upcoming and sort after gospel record label is gospel Rant and has housed on artist with its intention to promote the kingdom business.

Gospel Rant record label was established in 2021 and has only one artist signed in. To contact them, kindly send message to the followings below

Email : [email protected]
WhatsApp : +234(0)9096523200

List Of Gospel Record Labels In Nigeria

  • Eezee Conceptz
  • Rox Nation
  • Rock Town
  • Hammer House Of Record
  • Tehilah Records
  • Spaghetti Records
  • One Hallelujah Record
  • Loveworld Music And Art
  • Azuza Records
  • Kadosh Records
  • Lake Light Entertainment
  • Rockanation
  • Gratitude
  • Gospel Rant Records

So above are all the 14 Gospel Record Labels Nigeria as compiled by gospel Rant.

Sourced: Gospel Rant

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