Hillsong United -Know You Will Lyrics + [ Mp3 + Video]

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The Hillsong United has dropped a wonderful song “Know you will” and gospel rant would share to you its lyrics.

As well, “Know you will” reminds us that God is our compass faith rest in the one who has been faithful since the beginning.

Moreso, this song was released on the 8th of July 2021 on all platforms as it has been touching lives.

Thus, Just like when the world is crashing down on us and nothing makes sense, it’s hard to believe in the promise.

Though, know you just like we mentioned above, will stir up your faith. So kindly sing along with the lyrics, stream, watch and remain blessed.

Hillsong United Know You Will Lyrics

[Verse 1]

When the roads run dead
You can see a way I don’t
And it makes know sense
But you said that is what faith is for
When I see a flood, you see a promise
When I see a grave, you see a door
And when I am at my end
You see where the future starts


I don’t know how you make a way
But I know you will
You have been good on every promise
From Eden to Zion, Through every dead end
And out of that grave
I don’t know how you make a way, But I know you will

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[Verse 2]

When the world is on fire
It is not like you don’t have plan
And when the earth gives way
On this rock, your church will stand
And nothing had ever surprised you
Nothing had ever made you flinch
And when it all shakes out
The gate of hell don’t stand a chance

Hillsong United -Know You Will Lyrics

[Back To Chorus]

[Bridge 1]

You pull my heart from Egypt
You carved a road through sea
From all our chains to endless praise
The story ends in you

[Bridge 2]

And when we cross that Jordan
Look back at where we have been
From all our chains to endless praise
The story ends in you

[Back to Chorus]

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