Kirk Franklin’ Shares How He Could Have Pass Away

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American gospel singer Kirk Franklin has shared is near death experience on how he could have pass away.

As at 2nd of July 2022 being Saturday, Kirk Franklin tooked to his Official Instagram handle to share his testimony and gave credit to God.

The gospel singer tooked to his Official handle to share this good news to his millions of fans and followers acknowledging how he fell into a pit which is 10 feet.

Also, nothing he went to coma and going through brain surgery…one could ask if Kirk Franklin is still alive or did Kirk Franklin pass away.

Below is what Kirk Franklin said about how he could have pass away

26 Years ago. I almost lost my life in memphis….I don’t remember it but walking back stage in a dark area I feel 10 feet into an orchestra pit. Coma, brain swelling and pregnant newly married wife, no will and no plan. Doctors told her I may not speak write or do music again. Right before my wife signed papers for them to drill into my brain, ….. suddenly they said I woke up…..last night, 26 years later I’m back at memphis

He’s Real

Below is a photo Kirk Franklin shared as per same place the event occured

Kirk Franklin Pass Away

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