Lionel Peterson – Peace [Lyrics + Mp3 Download]

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South African gospel musician Lionel Peterson drops this song peace alongside it’s live performance video.

It has been a blessing throughout the entire world, kindly click through below to listen, download and get lyrics too.


Lionel Peterson Peace Lyrics

Lionel Peterson Peace

(Verse 1)

Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ
That he made on the cross for us
He has become our Jehovah shalom
Which means Jehovah is our peace

(Bridge 1)

I will worship the Lord for he is worthy
I will lay down my sword the prince of peace is his name
King of the flood the Lord is mighty
The lord can quench flame (flame)


(Verse 2)

Feel the presence of God upon the water
Hear the voice of the lord within the thunders that roll
(King of the flood the Lord is mighty)
(The lord can quench evil the flame flame)


Peace when trouble blows
Jehovah sees, Jehovah knows
He is my peace When sorrow nears, (Jehovah sees, jehovah knows)


Judgement coming (he is my peace)
Men pursue me (he is my peace)
Judge, judgement is coming he is my peace
War may follow, but I know he is my peace
Yeah yeah, eh yeah yeah yes he is
Oooh oh yeah yeah eh yeah he is my peace
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh uh oh oh yeah yeah
Eh eh woh uh oh oh oh


Peace when trouble blows
Jehovah sees, Jehovah knows
He is my peace (he is my peace)
When sorrow nears, (when sorrow nears)
(Jehovah sees) my God be sees, Jehovah hears
Like the breath (like the breath)
I need to live (I need to live)
Jehovah takes (Jehovah takes) Jehovah gives
Gives me peace, when trouble blows
[Jehovah sees, Jehovah knows]
Oh hallelujah, Jesus is our peace (amwn

Lionel Peterson Peace Video

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