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Hello Wonderful people of God, Welcome to gospel rant media where we give you update on gospel celebrities and today our focus would about Lydia Laird.

Lydia Laird

Who Is Lydia Laird

Lydia is an amazing gospel singer who uses her music to bring people and have a relationship with God.

As well, Lydia is different from every other artist as most of her songs, encourages and gift hope to the hopeless.

Thus, one thing you should know about Lydia is how she revealed the truth about God.

Lydia Laird Biography

Lydia Laird as her real name are, is christian singer and songwriter. Lydia grew up from East Texas were she hails from and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Lydai’s age should be in her 30s but know date of birth has been revealed.


So too, Lydia grew up from a family of 12 which includes her parents and siblings that consists of 7 boys and 3 girls.

Moreso, at the age of nine, Lydia started singing and writing songs in the gospel side.

Lydia and her family

Hence, Lydia is an amazing singer whose art of work comes from part of her. Her song I’ll be okay talks about her experiences.

Additionally, I’ll be okay brings most of those depressions, mental health Lydia has passed through and how she won it with the power of the gospel.

Personal Life

As well, we know so many of you have been wondering about Lydia Laird husband.

Nevertheless, Lydia Laird is not married and nothing about her relationship has been revealed.

Lydia Laird Songs

Lydia Laird

So too, Lydia has released so many songs that has been a blessing to Christian bodies today all over the world at large.

In this songs, they are all brought out from her albums as we list them accordingly.

  • I’ll Be Okay
  • Hallelujah Even Here
  • Meet Me There
  • How You See Me Now
  • The Wait
  • Piece By Piece
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • Story
  • Never Be
  • You Lead Me
  • Hide and Seek Hold On
  • How Will I Know
  • Winter
  • Blindness
  • You Are Mine
  • Nothing Is Impossible
  • Where Your Heart Is
  • I Will Be Loved


  • 665 (Released 2014)
  • Lydia Laird (2022)


Conclusively, we have not really been revealed about her networth but will surely update you guys. Kindly stay up here for update.

Lydia I’ll Be Okay Official Video

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