Nurse Shared How Baby Came Back To Live After Worshipping God Through Dunsin Oyekan Live Ministration – [Read Full Details]

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Nurses shares testimony of how God answer her patient through Worshipping God with Dunsin Oyekan Live Ministration.

Testimonies like they said are the great goodness of what jesus has done in the live of an individual.

Dunsin Oyekan Live Ministration


It might be financial, academical, marital help being given to someone by the lord Jesus.

However, a nurse has come online to share a testimony of how God use Dunsin Oyekan Live Ministration Online to bring back her dead.

Below is a noted words of her as we quote.

I was listening to this live worship in the delivery room with a patient who was rto be delivered of her baby. But the baby came out dead. I began to worship God along and attending to him medically. The baby came back to live after almost 1 hour. Thank you Jesus.

Gospelrant family, indeed this is a great testimony, if you are touched by this testimony and you really want God to do a new thing for you, kindly drop your comment below in the box 👇

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