Papa San-Lessons [Lyrics + Video MP4]

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Papa san lessons was a song which was meant to encourage people during the pandemic season.

In addition, it is also a song which came from his album, “Lessons”

However, the video dropped in December 12, 2020 and has over 9,000 views and doing well.

So today, Gospelrant would be sharing the lyrics and video to you.

So let us proceed below

It is not over
Who told you say it is done
I learn my lesson now
I learn my lesson now
Leave them flying like a bullet from the gun, yeah
I said learn my lesson now
Oh learn my lesson now
Oh take it easy yah me General
A life man push a no material
A hustle them, A hustle fill the capital
But a pain medicine, that one yah bigger than a you caffenol



We don’t need no segregation
Frustration, Divination
Child molestation, destroy so many nation
Seek the Lord Almighty
Get some deeper meditation
Read the word of God
And get some spiritual revelation
Me work for the kingdom
So me no work in plantation
Woe to slave driver cause the Lord is my salvation
Ultimate provider, Him a the ruler of all creation
Pour down your blessings from generation to generation

Papa san lessons [Lyrics + VideoMp4]

Me no still from nobody
So me no live in a police station
Me no work and live behind
So me no run from confrontation
For me to live is Christ
Cause I know my destination
Seated in heavenly places cause me believe the ressurection
Blood wash sanitation, Purify any nation
No condemnation, redemption, celebration
No vain repuation, accept my abbreviation
Me work in a Godly wisdom
Greater than you education

Some say them gangster
But them agent for satan
Sacrifice to idol hopeless future for pagan

Them sell out for vanity principality in operation
We cancel every assignment, demonic participation
Sexual immorality and child molestation
Flee from such behavior
Don’t give into temptation
Sin a sin God, no please righteous indignation
Jesus paid it all and now him redemption
Some them a look for popularity
But them a puppet of promotion
In a one spoon of water
And them think them in a ocean
Them can’t tell the difference between anionting and demotion
Spreading them gangrene like coco butter lotion
When them no get wey them a look for file an accusation
But me nah respond to them false connotations
Cut off relations spiritual amputation
Keep your shinning me youth

[Back to chorus]


Cause I surrender all oh oh oh]
I surrender all yea aaa] X2
Oh I surrender all oh oh oh
I surrender all

Watch The Video Papa San Lessons Below

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