Pastor Paul Adefarasin Has Been Recognized By Forbes As The Most Influential Person In Africa

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Pastor Paul adefarasin has been giving a recognition of honour by forbes to be the most influential person in Africa

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Has Been Recogned By Forbes As The Most Influential Person In Africa

Thus, Forbes are a media and publishing company which is been known for its magazing and list that ranked everything from billionaire to college.

Though, Pastor Paul Adefarasin who is the senior Pastor of House on the Rock Church international was recognized by Forbes.

In addition, he was giving a recognition to be the most influential person in Africa.

However, the man of God tooked to his official media page to share some words  and he started with a post from an anonymous which says.

Photo credit: forbes

“I will like to be known for stepping up and encouragimg others to do the same”

He proceed by writing his words to show appreciation. Read below as quoted

I got a call few weeks ago for intimating intimating recognition as the most influential person in africa by Forbes, which is global platforms that recognises  institutions, business and personalities that have excelled within the four pillars of politics, the economy, culture and business.

The selection is made by an independent, foreign network of individuals using intelligent data gathered across various platforms.

I feel a sense of honour by this recognition, and even though I was tentative and interrogative at first, now I am grateful for the opportunity as I see this as a collective responsibility to expand our endeavors with the focus of improving the lives and lot of our people, the African nations and our content as collective.

Photo Credit: Forbes

None of us is an island, instead we are the sum total of all who have come before us, impacting our lives so till we can do the same for others.

Indeed we stand for expansive shoulders, interconnected with those who serve alongside us while we live, move and have our being in Christ.

So this award is for us, yes it is for everyone of us!) For our voices that have been heard and our impact that has been felt. It provides us with a more visible platform to shine the light on justice, equity and the development that is soley needed in our climes.

It’s my heartfelt hope that it will encourage us to push boundaries, break Barriers and achieve the seemingly impossible, I am confident that we are on the cusp of finest of destiny inspite of the many dangers, toils and snares through which we have already come. I believe that the grace of God that works, now present greater possibilities pre-arranged for us from before the foundation of the world.


However, he concluded by urging every one to be part of the ceremony as he would be speaking on a topic.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Has Been Recogned By Forbes As The Most Influential Person In Africa

See quote

Kindly obliged us the presence of your company at the ceremony. I invite you specially to be my guests as i deliver the keynote speech of the day titled; Leadership and philanthropy.

Though the schedule of the event would hold at Friday (06/08/2021) at 5pm(WAT).

If you which to participate, kindly click HERE to follow the description.

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