Sinach Wins BMI Christian Awards For Song Of The Year

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Renowned gospel music minister “Sinach” has won the BMI Christian 2021 Awards for song of the year.

Sinach BMI Christian Awards 2021
Photo Credit: BMI Christian Awards

Thus, the BMI known as the broadcast music internation has created a Christian platform to celebrate their talents.


However, this year being 2021, they set aside to celebrate some christian songwriter, and publishers whose music has made impact over the years.

In addition, it was because of how their contents of hope and strengthen has encouraged and empowered listeners across the globe during the time they needed it the most.

Morever, this individuals won based in categories being selected for as singers, songwriters and publishers.

So too, Sinach won the song of the year for “WAY MAKER” and she joined others to win this awards for the first time.

Furthermore among others were Ethan hulse who won the songwriter of the year.

Photo Credit: BMI Christian Awards

Just as, Ethan hulse is a gospel singer, based in United States. He is very popular for his song such as come near to me.

Below are the list of the written songs he won for songwriter of the year

  • Rescue story
  • Stand in your love
  • The fathers house

Moreso, Capitol CMG publishing won the publisher of the year award.

For you to know, the capitol CMG publishing are industry leaders who distribute books, films and music.

They won the publisher of the year for books such as

  • Burn the ships
  • Dear man walking
  • God’s not done with you
  • Holy water
  • Let it rain (is there anybody)
  • See a victory
  • Stand in your love
  • The blessings
  • Father’s Love
  • Way maker
  • You are loved

Though, according to the BMI, they selected this list of christian singers due how they have added joy and inspired the world.

Besides read more HERE to see some fun facts about the first time winners and watch their performance.

Video of sinach way maker

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