Tim Godfrey Sold Out Afro-Vival Tickets Under 30Mins

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Tim Godfrey announced his Afro Vival in what he called revival movement to be held this April 2024.

Notwithstanding, the AfroVival by Tim Godfrey is a Clarion call to our lost generation offering a beacon of hope and a path back to spiritual awakening.

More so, The AfroVival revival movement by Tim Godfrey is dedicated to rekindling the flame of faith of the youths and those whom seeks to find their way back to God.

As much, Tim Godfrey AfroVival is scheduled to be on April 28th 2024 in USA and tickets needs to purchase.

Thus, Barely 30 Minutes Tim Godfrey announced his AfroVival, many purchased all. See graphics below

Tim Godfrey Afro Vival 2024

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