24 Years Bed Wetting Stops After Lady Listened To Tim Godfrey Worship Chant

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Checkout How Lady Stopped Bedwetting After Listening to Tim Godfrey Worship Chant

A message which was shared by Tim Godfrey concerning a lady who wanted her testimony to be made public as she stops bed wetting after listening to his Worship Chant.

As much, The lady in question gave this testimony that can really make us to say, what God cannot do does not exist.

Below is what the lady share of how God use Tim Godfrey Worship Chant to heal her.

Good morning
I don’t know if to his is the right place to drop my testimony. But I’ll still drop it here I’m 25 years this year……since I can remember (primary school, secondary and part of my university) I’ve been Bed wetting bed week that passes without me wetting the bed I’ll be excited, if I can’t q month of not bed wetting, I will be extremely happy. That’s how had my situation was, I cried I prayed 24 years and I’m still wetting the bed. Early this year u was to go for my IT in another state I was worried. One morning I viewed a school mate status and I saw your song “Worship Chant” I downloaded the song and prayed with it. I don’t know what happened or how it happened. All I know is that since January till now August, I’ve not wet the bed. Every morning I wake up to dry bed. 24 years of bed wetting ended after praying with that particular song. I was worried, is this how I will enter my husbands house . I didn’t like my friends spending the night with me because of this. Whenever I’m supposed to sleep outside my room I’ll be scared. What if
I bed wet but now I can sleep peacefully without worry even if I am pressed I still sleep wake up to dry bed.
I’m returning all the glory to God for delivering me
God bless you Tim Godfrey.

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Tim Godfrey Worship Chant Lady

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