Uma Ukpai Gives Prophetic Word For The Month Of August 2021

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Uma Ukpai gives Prophetic Word For The Month Of August 2021

Just as we know, prophecy is a word that is declared by a prophet and is highly Divine which would come to pass.

So to well, we do know that a prophetic individual, is known to be in contact with a Divine being and speak unbehalf of it as well.

For those of us who don’t know the Uma Ukpai, well let us start by telling you he is a man of Prophetic words.


The man of God is a christian leader , evangelist and preacher from Nigeria.

For you to know, he is the founder of and president of Uma Ukpai Evangelical association, a non denomination gospel based on uyo, akwa ibom, nigeria.

However, Uma Ukpai tooked through this Official handle to share this wonderful prophetic word to the brethen online.

Uma Ukpai gives prophetic word for the month of August 2021
Photo credit: Uma Ukpai

As paraphrased, he noted that this month of August 2021 is divinely noted for us not to die.

Moreso, the prophecy also made a promise to everyone that failure, and any yoke of business stagnation and career is already broken.

Below is the prophecy as quoted.

Father God, this month of August 2021 is declared my month of Divine wonder. I declare I shall not die but live to declare the works of the God.My solution has finally come, father God , as I put you first, I will never end as last. I will not end a failure. The yoke of career and business stagnation is broken. This month, no one will have to pity me anymore; God is showing up on my behalf in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Looking, at this prayer above, I must say, it is a must Prophecy to yourself as we are starting with months of meetings but various individuals who will travel.

Photo credit: Uma ukpai

Be a partaker of it by hitting the comment box to say an amen.

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