We Recorded Jireh Four Days After My Apartment Caught Fire – Chandler Moore

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One of American gospel music duo, Chandler moore from maverick city has shared his throwback encounter before recording jireh alongside the group.

Chandler Moore

Talking about his encounter, Chandler Moore noted that he lost all his belongings after his apartment caught fire and four days after he was still standing firm to record the song “jireh” alongside its group.

So too, he noted that the song “jireh” has change a lot to him and bring hope with all he has lost in the last.


Below is what he said

” at 4am prior to recording “jireh” my apartment caught on fire. Lost 98% of my material things. Was supposed to be in my apartment that morning. I was scheduled to fly out of town at 8am but switched up and left a day early to try to catch up a church service that I ended up missing (figure that lol hey holy spirit)

This literally could have went another way for ya boy. Point is. I’m alive. Lost 98% of my material things, and it’s frustrating, and I have LIFE. The Lord is SO kind.

JIREH has revolutionalize a lot in me…. And helped me thru a very tough season. We recorded this 4 days after my apartment caught on fire & I post everything. Go look at the video you ‘ll see me fall apart at the end.


Wow, this.is so touching from Maverick City singer. Kindly drop your comments.

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