Richest Pastor In USA | Biography And Networth

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Just like every niche that has richest personals, we also have a pastor in USA who is as well the richest.

Richest In usa
Photo Credit: Kenneth Copeland

Today, gospel rant would be sharing to you his biography, background, career, personal life and networth.

So let us proceed below to read about him.

The richest Pastor in USA is known as Kenneth max Copeland.

Meet The Richest Pastor In USA


Richest Pastor in usa
Photo Credit: Kenneth Copeland

abtc, states how Kenneth Max Copeland was born on 1936, December 6 in Lubbock Texas, to aubrey Wayne and Vinita Pearl owens who is his parents.


Moreso, Kenneth Copeland was raised in west Texas which is near a United States army air forces.

However, he grew up to become a pilot as he was influenced by his environment which he was raised from.


According to KCM.ORG, his journey into minstry began when he was Told by God to attend classes at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In spite of it, he was not able to fend for his tuition due to that fact that he had no job and how he might be able to cater for his studies.

But, God suprised him on his first day to register for the class as he got a Job of flying an airplane for the Oral Roberts.


Personal Life

In addition, believers portal states how Kenneth is married with 3 grown up kids who are John Copeland, Kellie Copeland Swisher and Terri Copeland Pearsons.

He got married to his wife, glowrie neece on 1963.

Thus, the three kids are all serving in his father’s ministry which is Kenneth Copeland ministry.

Yet, in all this, he has gone round the world to minister and unto Nations.

Furthermore, celebritynetworth states how the pastor worth a networth of $300 million.

Morevever, it was been reported how pastor Kenneth spent his money Lavishly in buying private jets.

Richest Pastor In USA

The richest pastor in USA is no any person but Kenneth Copeland. Kenneth Copeland is a famous televangelist and the founder of eagle mountain international church. He is worth $300 million now currently as media reports he has several properties including private jets.

Watch the how Kenneth Copeland defends lavish lifestyle below

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